Vert Pré


Take one pound of well-washed spinach and put it in a stewpan with enough cold water to cover it, a tiny bit of soda and a little salt; let it just come to the boil, then strain and press it from the water. Put the spinach in a stewpan with two ounces of butter, half a pint of shelled peas, a sprig of green mint, two finely-sliced onions; and a little bunch of herbs, such as thyme, parsley, and bayleaf; draw these down for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then mix with it two tablespoonfuls of crème d’orge and three pints of stock, and cook all together for about half an hour; rub the purée through a tammy or fine hair sieve, and put the mixture into a pan in the bain marie to get hot; have for each quart of the purée half a pint of warm single cream mixed on to three raw yolks of eggs, one ounce of butter, and a little apple-green colouring, add this to the purée in the bain marie, and stir it all together till it thickens, then strain it into the soup-tureen, and serve with little round croûtons of bread.