Vegetable Soup

Purée Printanier Maigre


Take two large carrots, two large onions, two peeled potatoes, two large turnips, two leeks, a sprig of thyme and parsley, a handful of tarragon and chervil, a good handful of lettuce, two bayleaves, one pound of asparagus stalks (if in season), and a good bunch of watercress; fry well in two ounces of butter, add one tablespoonful of crème de riz or crème d’orge and three pints of milk; let these cook very gently till tender, which will take about three quarters of an hour, then tammy, and make hot in the bain marie, and to each quart of the hot purée take half a pint of warm cream which has been mixed on to three raw yolks of eggs and one ounce of butter and strain this into the hot purée, and stir in the bain marie until the whole thickens; strain the soup into the soup-tureen, and add a Julienne garnish. This soup can also be prepared with stock instead of milk.