Salmon boiled

Saumon Bouilli


Scale and cleanse the fish and either boil it in plain salted water or in the following court bouillon.

Roll the salmon when cleaned in a piece of buttered muslin and put it in a stewpan with enough liquid to cover it. For this purpose take boiling water, allowing two tablespoonfuls of French vinegar and a dessertspoonful of salt to each quart of water, some slices of carrot, onion, turnip, celery, leek, a bunch of herbs, and about eight peppercorns. Let this all boil up, then lay in the fish, and let it cook ten minutes for each pound. When done take it up, dish it nicely, and serve with either Hollandaise, Verte, Lobster, Chauron, Anchovy cream, or any sauce you choose. Hand round sliced cucumber with the salmon.