Cold Salmon with Montpellier Butter

Saumon froid au Beurre Montpellier


Boil a piece of salmon according to the recipe given for boiled salmon, or else utilise any that may be left over cold. If an elaborate dish is wanted cut a cro没ton of stale bread large enough to hold the salmon, fry this a nice golden brown, then when cold brush it over with a little liquid aspic jelly, coloured red with a little carmine; lay the fish on this cro没ton, and garnish it with thinly sliced aspic jelly, and by means of a forcing bag and rose pipe with Montpellier butter; ornament the dish round the cro没ton with blocks of aspic jelly cut into any pretty shapes. If you have them, arrange some prawns or crayfish on hatelet skewers, and garnish the top of the salmon with them. Serve with Verte sauce, Anchovy cream, Tartare or Mayonnaise sauce in a sauceboat. This dish is equally useful for dinners or for cold collations.