Cold Salmon Souchet

Souchet de Saumon froid


Scale and wash the fish in cold water, with a little salt, then cut it in slices about a quarter of an inch thick and place them in a sauté pan. Cover them well with good fish stock, add one sliced onion, a bunch of herbs, and six or eight peppercorns, bring to the boil, simmer very gently for eight to ten minutes, then take the fillets from the pan and set them aside to cool; strain the liquor, and let it boil down on the stove to half the quantity; mix two and a half gills of this with half a pint of aspic jelly and then clarify with the raw whites of eggs in the proportion of four to each quart of the prepared liquor; then strain it through a clean cloth and set it aside to cool. Cut some carrot, turnip, and parsnip into Julienne strips, and blanch and cook them till tender, then mask the fillets of salmon with them, and sprinkle all lightly with picked and blanched chervil and tarragon, set them with the clarified stock, dish the fillets on a plain border of aspic jelly, and serve for an entrée for dinner, luncheon, or cold collation. Fillets of trout, sole, and various other fish can be served in this way.