Grilled Salmon. Cold Green Sauce

Saumon grillé. Sauce verte froide


Take slices of salmon one and a half to two inches thick, season them with pepper, salt, and salad oil. If the salmon is left in the oil for an hour or so before grilling it would be more moist when cooked; if the slices are cut to the extreme thickness they should be wrapped in paper oiled on both sides, especially if the fire is very fierce. This paper can be dispensed with when the slices are not so thick. Warm the grill and rub it over with oil before using it, then arrange on it a dozen or sixteen oiled straws a little longer than the slices of salmon, place the salmon on these and put to grill over a clear fire, keeping the grill somewhat slanting to prevent the fire smoking. It is best to have the grill rather near the fire, otherwise the fish is likely to be soft and flabby when cooked. Keep the slices well basted with clarified butter or salad oil. They should only be turned once in the cooking, and the slices, about one and a half inches thick, will take ten to fifteen minutes, according to the fire. When done they should be a pretty golden brown on the top and bottom, perfectly crisp and firm, and without a split in the skin. Carefully remove the paper, if used, and dish on a very hot dish, with or without a dish-paper. The best way to baste is with a paste brush dipped in oil or butter. Garnish with a little parsley and serve with cold Verte sauce in a sauceboat. If cooked in front of the fire in a double grill the slices should have a layer of straws on each side of them. Salmon cooked in this way may be served with many sauces, such as Verte, Tartare, &c.