Fillets of Salmon à la Morny

Filets de Saumon à la Morny


Scale and cut the salmon into slices about an inch thick, and place these in a well-buttered sauté pan with one or two onions sliced, a bunch of herbs and six peppercorns, cover it over with any fish stock; and let it boil very gently for about fifteen minutes with a buttered paper over the fish and the cover on the pan. Then take up the fish and keep it warm between two plates, standing these on a saucepan containing boiling water; fry one and a half ounces of butter and the same of flour in a pan, taking care it does not discolour, and to this mix about half a pint of the stock in which the salmon was boiled, stir all this together till it boils, then add the juice of half a lemon, a gill of cream, a tiny dust of cayenne pepper, and two ounces of freshly grated Parmesan cheese; stir this again till it boils, then tammy it, dish the salmon on a hot dish and pour this sauce all over it, and lastly cover the whole with the following cream mixture:—

Cream Mixture

Slice finely six ounces of Gruyère (or any good cheese, such as Cheddar &c.) and lay it in a stewpan with four tablespoonfuls of cream and a dust of cayenne pepper; stir this together lightly till the cheese is dissolved, then pour it evenly over the dish it is served with, and brown it by passing a red hot salamander over it. Garnish with a little parsley round the edge of the dish, and serve very hot either for dinner or lunch.