Fried Fillets of Salmon with Cold Anchovy Cream

Filets de Saumon Frits à la Crème d’Ancliois froide


Scale and clean the salmon and cut it into slices one and a half to two inches thick, and let these lie in cold water with a little salt for about an hour before cooking. Then dry the slices in a clean cloth, dip them first in fine flour, and then in whole beaten-up egg. Repeat this twice, then drop the slices into boiling olive oil and fry, allowing ten to twelve minutes for each pound of fish. The fish must be well covered with the oil while frying. Then take it up with a slice and dish it on a dish-paper, garnish with little sprays of fresh green parsley and serve either hot or cold, with cold anchovy cream handed round in a sauceboat. Soles, smelts, whiting, &c. can be cooked in this way and served hot or cold. A very pretty dish for a cold collation can be prepared with one or two slices of salmon, one or two soles, six or eight smelts, and six or eight fillets of whiting, cooked in this way and tastefully arranged on the dish altogether.