Trout à la Mirabeau

Truite à la Mirabeau


This recipe applies to any fresh-water fish as well as trout.

Take a fresh trout, scrape off the scales, cut off the fins, and remove the entrail; wash in salt and water; when thoroughly cleansed well dry the fish in a clean cloth, make slits through the skin of the fish from the spine about a quarter of an inch apart, season with pepper and salt and salad oil; place the fish on a clean tin and pour in any of the oil that has run from the seasoning; cover with a greased paper, and cook for about fifteen minutes in front of a brisk fire or in the oven, then dish up and serve with Mirabeau sauce over the fish. A slice of salmon, or a mullet, whiting, or sole can be cooked in the same way, and served for dinner, luncheon, or breakfast.