Whitebait, Plain

Whitebait Naturel, Blanehailles Naturelles


Keep the whitebait with a little ice on it till it is required; drain it on a sieve and pick it over to free it from any weed &c.; take about twelve to eighteen of the bait at a time and sprinkle them in plenty of common flour on a cloth; drop them into the frying basket and carefully shake off any superfluous flour; put the basket in a pan of boiling fat for about one and a half minutes; turn out the bait on to a drainer or into another frying basket; repeat these operations with the same quantity until there is sufficient to fill the basket to the depth of the boiling fat in the pan; be sure that the fat boils up, then place in it the basket containing the prepared quantity; fry for one or two minutes till the bait is crisp, and serve hot and garnish with fried parsley. Have brown bread and butter handed, garnished with lemons cut in quarters or fancy shapes. The lemons and brown bread and butter can be made into very pretty dishes for handing with the bait.