Mayonnaise of Stuffed Turbot

Turbot farci en mayonnaise


Clean and wash a nice fresh turbot in cold salt and water, remove the fillets from the bone, place the underneath fillets together on a buttered tin, masking the inside of the fillets about a quarter of an inch thick with lobster farce as below, and on this lay the top fillets, pressing them as closely together as possible to present a natural appearance. Sprinkle the fish with strained lemon juice, place a buttered paper over it, and cook it in a moderate oven, allowing twenty-five to thirty minutes for a fish large enough for fifteen to eighteen persons. When cooked put it aside to cool. Dish it when cold in the dish it is to be served in, mask it all over with very stiff mayonnaise sauce, smooth this with a wet palette knife and garnish with filleted anchovies, turned and farced olives, strips of French gherkins and of red chillies. Ornament the sides of the dish with prettily cut little blocks of aspic jelly and large prawns or slices of cooked lobster. This dish is excellent both for a dinner or a ball supper.

Lobster Farce for Turbot

Pound six ounces of cooked lobster till quite smooth, then mix to it three ounces of pounded panard, one tablespoonful of essence of anchovy, a dust of cayenne and a little carmine. Add two raw yolks of eggs and one raw white, rub all through a sieve and use.

Brill and Dory should be served similarly to turbot. The latter can be stuffed with a herb or fish farce if liked.