Sole au gratin


Remove the skin, the head and fins, from a nice fresh sole and trim it. Wash it and dry it well in a clean cloth. Season it with pepper and salt, rub the dish in which it is to be served well with good butter, and lay the sole in it. Pour over it a wineglass of white wine, cover it with a buttered paper, place the dish in a baking tin with boiling water and set it in a hot oven for about ten minutes, then remove the paper and pour all over the sole about half a pint of gratin sauce, sprinkle over this about a tablespoonful of browned breadcrumbs and return the dish to the oven for twelve to fifteen minutes, then if not sufficiently deep in colour hold a red hot salamander over it for a minute or two, sprinkle it lightly with chopped parsley and send to table quite bubbling hot.

Fillets of sole, also whitings, salmon, &c., can be served this way.