Fillets of Sole à la Normande

Filets de Sole à la Normande


Take the fillets from the sole, trim, and bat them out with a knife which is occasionally dipped in cold water, and season with a little salt and lemon juice; place them in a buttered sauté pan, and put half a gill of cold water and the juice of half a lemon in the pan, cover them with a buttered paper, and cook in a moderate oven for about twelve to fifteen minutes. Take the bones and trimmings from the fish, chop up and put into a stewpan with one or two sliced onions, a bunch of herbs, six or eight peppercorns, a pinch of salt, and one clove, add the liquor and beards from the oysters and cover with cold water, bring to the boil, and cook for fifteen to twenty minutes; put two ounces of butter and two ounces of fine flour into a stewpan, fry them together without discolouring, then mix with three quarters of a pint of the fish stock and the liquor from the fillets, stir together till it boils, then add a gill of cream and a tiny dust of cayenne pepper, tammy and use. Dish up the fillets of sole on a little border of fish farce, and pour the sauce over them; garnish the centre with blanched bearded oysters, button mushrooms and truffle, and cooked lobster cut in square pieces, and serve; put this garnishing all together in a stewpan, and warm it in the bain marie with a little of the mushroom liquor.