Fillets of Sole à la Chesterfield

Filets de Sole à la Chesterfield


Take rather small fillets of sole and beat them out with a thick knife or bat: season with a little lemon juice, white pepper and salt, then cut each fillet in two pieces; have some fresh peeled potatoes cut about the size of a sherry cork; roll each piece of fish on one of these and then tie up in a little band of buttered paper; place the fillets in a pan with a wineglass of white wine and rather better than a quarter of a pint of white fish stock or water and a pinch of salt; let these cook for about fifteen minutes, then take up, and when cool remove the potatoes. Make a sauce with one ounce of butter and the same of flour, lightly fried; mix it with the stock the fish was cooked in (which must be rather better than a quarter of a pint) and a tablespoonful of cream; stir till it boils, then add about half an ounce of live spawn* that has been pounded with half an ounce of butter; let this boil up in the sauce, keeping it stirred, then add a tiny dust of cayenne; mix in the raw yolk of an egg; do not let the sauce boil after the egg is added; pass through the tammy, then add a quarter of a pint of chopped shrimps or lobster and mix well; farce the fillets of sole with this sauce by means of a pipe and bag, then flour them and brush over with egg and bread crumbs twice; fry a golden colour in boiling mutton fat or lard; dish on a napkin and garnish with fried parsley. Tomato sauce may be served in a boat with this dish. See engraving at end of this Chapter.

* If you cannot get spawn, add a few drops of carmine.