Fillets of Sole à la Sefton

Filets de Sole à la Sefton


Put four large fillets of sole on a buttered baking tin, season with a little lemon juice and salt, lay a buttered paper over them and cook for seven to eight minutes, then take them up and put them to press, and when cool cut each fillet into three or four neat pieces, and mask the top of each with pink mayonnaise aspic, and the bottom with white mayonnaise aspic, garnish with little sprigs of chervil and strips of red chillies, set them with liquid aspic jelly, and when this is set trim the little fillets neatly, and dish on a border of aspic; garnish with lettuce cut or broken into small pieces, beetroot and cucumber (or use a macedoine of cooked vegetables), with a thick mayonnaise and some chopped aspic. This dish can be served either as dressed fish, or for second course, or for luncheon.