Salad of Fillets of Sole à la Russe

Salade de Filets de Sole à la Russe


Take the fillets from a nice sole, squeeze over them the juice of a lemon, and cook them in an oven on a buttered tin with a buttered paper over them for about ten minutes; remove them from the oven, put them to press till cool, then cut them either in cutlet shapes or rounds, and ornament them on one side, half of them with lobster coral and half with chopped tarragon and chervil or parsley, masking them with a little aspic jelly to keep the garnish in its place; the aspic should be used for this just as it is getting set. Take a nest mould and line it with aspic jelly one eighth of an inch thick, then arrange the fillets of sole in the mould with picked prawns or shrimps between the edges of the fillets; set these again with a little aspic jelly to keep them together, and fill up with half a pint of prepared macedoine of vegetables, such as carrots, turnips, peas, French beans, artichoke bottoms, six turned olives cut in dice shapes, a teaspoonful of capers, potatoes, tomatoes, and six fillets of anchovies that are cut in dice, round, or diamond shapes, add some chopped tarragon and chervil, and mix all with a well-seasoned mayonnaise sauce, to which some aspic jelly has been added, in the proportion of half a pint of aspic to three large tablespoonfuls of mayonnaise, and put in a cool place or on ice till set. Turn it out on to a dish as you would a jelly. Mayonnaise sauce may be served round the salad, and a macedoine of vegetables in the centre of the mould.