Cod à la Grand Hôtel

Cabillaud à la Grand Hôtel


Cleanse the cod and cut it in slices about two inches thick, and sprinkle these well with salt. Let them stay in the salt for about an hour, then wash them well in cold water and tie them up with tape. Put about two ounces of butter, the juice of a lemon, and about two and a half wineglasses of white wine (this is for three to four pounds of fish) in the bottom of a stewpan, lay the cod slices in this, with a buttered paper over them, and let it all simmer at the side of the stove for fifteen to twenty minutes, then take the fish up with a slice and place it on a hot dish, pour the sauce round it, with some more served in a sauceboat, and garnish the fillets all round the edge with salsify or parsnip cut in Julienne shreds, and sprigs of picked and blanched chervil. Sprinkle the centre of the fish with a little lobster coral. Serve very hot.

Salsify for Garnish

Wash and peel the vegetables, cut them into shreds, and lay them in cold water and a little salt and lemon juice as you do them. Put them in a pan with enough boiling water seasoned with lemon juice and salt to cover them, bring the water to the boil, let them cook for an hour, then drain them, mix them with a little warm butter, and use.

Parsnips for Garnish

See following recipe.

Halibut and Hake

These may be served in the same manner as cod.