Matelote of Eels

Matelote d’Anguilles au Vin rouge


Cleanse, skin, and cut the eels into three inch lengths; wash and dry them; put in a stewpan two ounces of butter, half a pint of peeled and blanched button onions, or two large ones sliced, a bunch of herbs, and three or four peppercorns. Lay the eel in this, cover the pan and let it all fry for fifteen or twenty minutes, then sprinkle in one tablespoonful of sifted flour, one ounce of glaze, and a good three quarters of a pint of claret. Simmer on the stove for fifteen or twenty minutes, then remove the fish and the button onions, and keep them hot in the bain marie. If sliced onions are used, leave them in the sauce. Add to the ingredients left in the pan a quarter of a pint of brown sauce, and if not objected to, scrape in a piece of garlic the size of a clove, re-boil, pass it all through the tammy, and heat again in the bain marie. Dish the eel in a pile on a hot dish, pour the hot sauce all over it, and garnish with a few button mushrooms warmed in their own liquor, the button onions cooked with the fish, and little croûtons of fried bread cut into fancy shapes, glazed, and sprinkled with chopped parsley and lobster coral. This dish can be served either hot or cold.

Roach, Bream, and Dace should be cooked and served similarly to eels.

Conger Eels, Lampreys, and Barbel may be served in the same manner, but the first-mentioned two require to be carefully cleansed.