Fried Smelts

Eperlans Frits


Take some very fresh smelts, trim off all the fins with scissors, then wipe them carefully in a clean cloth, roll them lightly in flour, and then dip them in whole beaten-up egg and roll them in freshly made white breadcrumbs, then roll them very lightly on the table or slab with the hand, to make the breadcrumb appear quite smooth, place them in a frying basket and put them in clean boiling fat and fry for five to six minutes. When perfectly crisp and a pretty golden colour, take up, drain, and dish on a dish-paper, and garnish with very crisply-fried parsley, little thin slices of freshly-cut lemon and cucumber. Serve with anchovy, tartare, or cucumber sauce. Whiting dressed in the same manner can be used for dinner or luncheon, and served for breakfast if liked, without sauce. Fried parsley as the only accompaniment.

Gudgeon may be served similarly to the above.