Fried Fillets of Whiting with Anchovy Butter

Filets de Merlan frits au Beurre d’Anchois


Fillet, skin, and remove all bone from the whiting; dry in a clean cloth and then dip the fillets in fine flour; next dip them into whole beaten-up egg and into freshly-made white breadcrumbs, and then bat over the fillets with a knife to make the crumb appear smooth. Crimp the fillets up on little skewers (either wooden or steel), and then drop them into enough clean boiling fat to cover them, and fry for five or six minutes. Remove from the fat when a pretty golden colour, and, if hatelet skewers are to hand, remove the ordinary ones and replace them with the hatelets. Dish these up, allowing one to each person, place on the top of each fillet, when ready to serve, a piece of anchovy butter about the size of a walnut, and on this place one or two olives farced with anchovy; pour any of the liquid from the anchovy butter on the dish. These are also excellent for breakfast.