Fillets of Whitings in Papillotes with Fine Herbs

Filets de Merlan en Papillotes aux Fines Herbes


Take some perfectly fresh whiting, skin them, then remove the fillets, taking every particle of bone from them; if the fish is large each fillet can be cut in two; bat them carefully with a chopping-knife that is occasionally dipped in cold water. Season these fillets with a little white pepper, salt, and warm butter, chopped eschalot, chopped parsley, and button mushroom. Put the bones of the fish into a stewpan with a sliced onion, a bunch of herbs, and six or eight peppercorns; add the juice of one lemon, a little salt, and three-quarters of a pint of cold water; bring it to the boil, then skim, and cook for about half an hour gently on the side of the stove. Fry two ounces of butter in a stewpan with two ounces of flour without discolouring, mix with half a pint of the fish stock, stir together till it boils, then add half a gill of cream, and tammy, and finish off in the same manner as for mullet in papers. Serve very hot for dinner or breakfast.