Boiled Mackerel with Fennel Sauce

Maquereau Bouilli à la Sauce Fenouil


Wash and cleanse the mackerel and trim off the fins; remove the eyes, then rinse in cold salt water; put them in a fish kettle with a drainer and enough cold water (seasoned with salt) to cover them; stand the stewpan on the stove, cover it over with the lid, bring gently to the boil, then skim the water and let the fish remain poaching on the side of the stove for about eight to ten minutes, then remove from the water and drain; have a hot dish with a drainer and a napkin folded on it, dish the mackerel on this, garnish with fresh green fennel or fresh green parsley and serve while hot with fennel sauce in a sauceboat. Serve for dinner or luncheon. Any remains of these can be soused by putting them in part brown vinegar and part cold water with a few black peppercorns and fresh bayleaf, and leaving for about twelve hours. They can then be served for a cold breakfast dish.