Souchet of Flounders

Souchet de Limandes


Trim the flounders and put them in a sauté pan with one or two sliced onions, bunch of herbs, a few black and white peppercorns, and a little pinch of salt; well cover them with any fish stock, or water if you have no stock, bring it to the boil, then draw the pan to the side of the stove and simmer for eight to ten minutes; remove the flounders and keep them warm between two hot plates over boiling water; strain the liquor, and add to it for each pint two raw whites of egg and whip together; put the stock to re-boil, and let it stand on the side of the stove for six to eight minutes; then strain it through a soup cloth and put it into a stewpan; to each pint of liquid add two tablespoonfuls of parsnip cut in Julienne shapes and a dessertspoonful of picked and blanched parsley, and let it come to the boil. Put the flounders in a deep, hot entrée dish or tureen, and pour the stock over them, and serve while hot. Soup is not served when souchet is used for dinner. Fillets of sole or other white fish can be prepared in the same way. Thinly cut brown bread and butter should be handed. Reckon one small flounder or half a large one for each person.