Fillets of Plaice à la Duchesse

Filets de Pile à la Duchesse


Skin a nice plaice and remove the fillets; cut these across into pieces each sufficient for one person, bat them out with a wet knife, trim them neatly and put them into a buttered sauté pan, sprinkle a little lemon juice over each fillet, also a little salt, put about one tablespoonful of water into the pan, cover the fillets over with a buttered paper, place the pan in the oven for ten or twelve minutes, then dish up the fillets in a round on the dish as cutlets are dished. Take as many fillets of anchovy as you have fillets of plaice, bone and wash them and sprinkle the inner side of each with hard-boiled yolk of egg which has been passed through a wire sieve; roll up each fillet with the yolk of egg inwards, and sprinkle the top of each with a little chopped parsley and a little cooked lobster coral pounded and passed through a sieve; place one of these rolled fillets on each fillet of plaice.

Take the liquor left in the sauté pan and make it hot in the bain marie, work into it by degrees about half an ounce of good butter and two or three drops of carmine, and as soon as the sauce thickens pour it round the fish; do not let the sauce boil, or it will turn oily; but it must be served quite hot.