Baked Fresh Haddock with Brown Mustard Sauce

Merluche au four, Sauce, Moutarde


Take the fresh haddock, cut off the fins, remove the eyes, and partly bone the fish, leaving about two inches at the tail end; season it inside with pepper and salt. Make a stuffing for it with two ounces of finely-chopped suet, three ounces of breadcrumbs, a tablespoonful altogether, when chopped, of parsley, bayleaf, and thyme; season with a little white pepper and salt, and mix up with two whole raw eggs; work the stuffing together, and put it into the fish; sew up the fish, and draw the tail through the eyes, and secure it thus with a string by means of a trussing needle; put the fish in a baking tin with a little fat, and cover it over with a well-greased paper; cook it in the oven for half an hour or a little more, keeping it well basted. When cooked remove the string, dish up and serve with brown mustard sauce round or in a sauceboat.


These may also be served in the same manner as haddocks.