Turban of Fish à la Moderne

Turban de Poisson à la Moderne


Take the fillets of two ordinary sized soles, bat them out, and trim and cut them into lengths to suit your mould (any rather deep round mould, curved and indented on the top, will do), season with a little lemon juice and salt, and well sprinkle half of them on one side with chopped truffle. Butter the mould, and paper it with a buttered paper; arrange the fillets alternately and slantingly round the mould, put over these the lobster farce given below about an inch thick, smooth this inside, with a spoon heated by dipping it in boiling water, and press the farce well on to the fillets, fill up the centre with the ragoût, cover this over with more of the farce, and smooth it over. Place the mould in a stewpan on a fold or two of paper with sufficient boiling water to reach half way up the mould. Let the water re-boil, then draw the pot to the side of the stove, put on the lid, and let the turban steam for about three quarters of an hour. Turn out on a dish, pour the sauce round the base, garnish round the bottom and the top with button mushrooms, and little quenelles in the shape of mushrooms made from the farce.

Lobster Farce

Take half a pound of cooked lobster, six ounces of panard, one and a half ounces of butter, a pinch of salt, a tiny dust of cayenne, and one large tablespoonful of Bechamel sauce. Pound the lobster and the panard separately, then mix them and work to a smooth paste in the mortar, adding the seasoning, &c. and two and a half eggs by degrees. When well mixed, pass through a sieve.


Cut into tiny dice shapes a quarter of a pint of picked shrimps, six sauce oysters, bearded, a tablespoonful of lobster, four button mushrooms and two truffles. Mix all together and use.


Chop up the bones from the fish, add one or two sliced onions, the oyster liquor, a bunch of herbs, a pinch of salt, and three or four peppercorns; cover the whole with cold water, bring it to the boil, skim, and let it boil about twenty minutes; mix a pint of this sauce on two ounces of flour lightly fried with two ounces of butter, then stir till it boils; add a wineglass of white wine and half a gill of cream, boil for about ten minutes, tammy and use.