Lobster Mayonnaise à l’Osborne

Mayonnaise de Homard à l’Osborne

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Mrs A.B. Marshall's Cookery Book

Mrs A.B. Marshall's Cookery Book

By Agnes B. Marshall

Published 1888

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Cut from a cucumber, by means of a pea cutter, some pea-shaped pieces, and cook these till tender by putting them in cold water with a little salt and boiling them; also cut out some similar pieces of hard-boiled white of egg and cooked beetroot. Line some little bouche cups thinly with aspic jelly, and garnish them in rings with the pea shapes of cucumber, egg, beetroot, and also French capers, arranging these ingredients alternately on the aspic that the colours may have a pretty effect, and covering the bottom of the moulds and half-way up the sides with these rings, garnish round the rest of the sides with little picked leaves of chervil, and set the garnish with a little more aspic. Remove the shell from a freshly cooked lobster, and cut the back piece of the fish in round slices about a quarter of an inch thick, place one piece in each of the prepared moulds, and fill the moulds up with mayonnaise aspic, and put them aside to set. Line, garnish, and prepare a fluted border mould in the same manner, fill it up with picked shrimps, and set them similarly with aspic mayonnaise, and let it set. When ready to dish up, dip the border mould in warm water, pass a cloth over the bottom to absorb any moisture, and turn the border out on to an entrée dish, and place a prepared wax figure in the centre of the border; turn out the little bouche cups in a similar manner, placing one on each of the flutes of the border and one on top of the wax figure; fill up round the centre of the figure with a mixture of the pea-shaped vegetables, having first seasoned them with a little salad oil and tarragon vinegar and mixed in a little picked tarragon and chervil; arrange a little also round the top of the wax figure. Place in the hollow of each of the little bouche shapes a little mayonnaise, and garnish this mayonnaise alternately with sprigs of tarragon and chervil. Garnish the dish with chopped aspic and little bunches of the seasoned pea-shaped vegetables.