Lobster Mayonnaise with Aspic

Mayonnaise de Homard à la Gelée


Remove the meat from a nice fresh lobster, cut the back into neat pieces, the claws may be left whole or cut up as preferred; place the pieces on a dish or tin, and sprinkle half of them with chopped parsley or tarragon and chervil, and the other half with the lobster coral; lightly mask the pieces with liquid aspic jelly, and when it is set dish up the pieces with the coral and parsley, alternating on a border of aspic jelly; tastefully arrange on the dish some fresh crisp lettuce, a little tarragon and chervil, French capers, turned olives, filleted anchovies, quarters of hard-boiled egg, and garnish the whole with thick mayonnaise sauce. This is a nice dish for luncheon, dinner, and cold collations. Cold salmon and chicken from a previous dinner may be served in the same way.