Fillets of Beef à la Comtesse de Pomar

Filets de Bœuf à la Comtesse de Pomar


Take two pounds of nice lean fillet of beef, which will be sufficient for about twelve persons, cut it in slices a quarter of an inch thick, bat them out with a wet knife, and cut them in rounds of about the size of a crown piece, so that there will be two rounds for each person, then season them with pepper and salt; cut some blanched beef marrow in slices about a quarter of an inch thick, and place on each a slice of truffle, and put this between two of the fillets of beef, filling up between them round the marrow with beef farce; press the fillets well together and wrap up in cleansed pork or veal caul, and dip this in raw white of egg which has been just beaten up on a plate, season with salad oil or clarified butter, and grill or broil for about five minutes, using oiled straws on the grill to prevent the fillets sticking; take up the fillets, brush them over again with the white of egg, sprinkle them with a little chopped truffle, replace them again on the grill-iron, and put them in front of the fire or in the oven with a buttered paper over them for about eight minutes, then dish them up on cooked beef farce straight down the dish, and serve Pomar sauce round them. Care must be taken that the dish is served very hot. Vegetables can be used for garnish if liked. Potato prepared as for potato border can be used to dish up on instead of the farce.