Little Fillets of Beef à la Genève

Petits Filets de Bœuf à la Genève


Cut about one and a half pounds of fillet of beef into slices about half an inch thick, bat them out with a wet knife, and trim them into neat rounds about two and a half inches in diameter; lard them on one side with lardons of fat bacon and French gherkin alternately, and with a pair of scissors trim the lardons evenly; season the underside with pepper, salt, chopped tarragon, and chervil; place them in a dish and sprinkle with salad oil and let them lie to marinade for about one hour; grill or broil the unlarded side for about four minutes, then place the grill on a baking tin, and finish the cooking in the oven for about eight minutes with a buttered or greased paper over the fillets. Dish up on a potato border with a thick horseradish sauce in the centre, and pour a good brown sauce round, and garnish the top of each fillet with a little finely scraped horseradish. Serve very hot.