Ox-palates à la Napolitaine

Palais de Bœuf à la Napolitaine


Take one or two ox-palates. Cleanse and blanch them, then put them to press between two plates with a heavy weight on the top till quite flat; this may be done the day before they are required. Take a clean stewpan and put in it one ounce of butter or fat, a good sized sliced onion, a little sliced carrot, celery, turnip, and herbs (thyme, parsley, bayleaf, basil, and marjoram), and six or eight peppercorns; place the palates on the vegetables, put a buttered paper over them, and the cover on the pan, and fry altogether for about fifteen minutes; then add half a pint of good flavoured stock, and place the pan in the oven and keep the palates constantly basted, adding more stock occasionally; the palates will require five or six hours’ braising; when they are cooked take them up and stamp them out in rounds about the size of a five shilling piece, place them in a sauté pan with one wineglass of sherry, and put it on the stove till the rounds of meat have absorbed all the moisture, then glaze them lightly over and dish them up on a border of farce or potato with a slice of cooked tomato between each; garnish the centre with a mixture of ox-tongue, truffle, and mushroom cut in little square pieces, and maccaroni cooked and cut in lengths of about one inch. Strain the gravy from the braise, and remove the fat, and boil a quarter of a pint of it with half a pint of good brown sauce, tammy it and serve it round the dish. Two palates would be sufficient for eight to ten persons.

The vegetables used for the braise and any trimmings can be put into the stockpot.