Ox-tail in Matelote

Queue de Bœuf en Matelote


Cut a nice fresh ox-tail in neat joints and put it to blanch and dry it in a cloth. Put in a stewpan two ounces of butter, half a sliced carrot, two onions sliced, half a small turnip, a few slices of celery, and a bunch of herbs, six or eight peppercorns, four cloves, and a blade of mace. Place the joints of the ox-tail on the top of these ingredients with a buttered paper over and the cover on the pan, and fry on the stove for about fifteen or twenty minutes, then remove the paper, sprinkle into the pan a tablespoonful of flour, half a pint of brown sauce, half an ounce of glaze, and rather better than half a pint of cooking claret, replace the paper and the cover, and let it braise gently from three and a half to four hours, according to the size, adding a little stock occasionally as the liquor reduces, and keeping any fat removed that may rise to the surface. When ready to serve, take up the pieces, rub the vegetables with the liquor through the tammy, which should produce about three quarters of a pint of sauce. Dish the pieces in a neat pile, re-warm the sauce in the bain marie, and pour it over the pieces; garnish with turned and braised olives and button mushrooms and small quenelles of white meat.

Quenelles for Ox-tail in Matelote

Prepare a white farce, and make it into two colours, force out on to a buttered sauté pan into little red and white rounds, and poach for about ten minutes.