Veal Cutlets à la Duchesse Marie

Côtelettes de Veau à la Duchesse Marie


Butter well eight or ten cutlet moulds and mask them alternately with a little finely chopped ham or tongue and truffle, and fill up the mould by means of a forcing bag and pipe with veal farce, prepared by taking eight ounces of the lean fillet of veal (chicken or rabbit can also be used), and pounding it till quite smooth and adding to it three ounces of panard, also pounded; when these are well mixed, add two large tablespoonfuls of thick Bechamel sauce, one ounce of butter, a pinch of salt, a dust of white pepper, two eggs and a half, and two tablespoonfuls of thick cream, and when worked into a smooth paste, rub through a clean fine wire sieve, then use. Smooth the farce in the moulds quite level with a hot wet knife, and place them in a sauté pan containing boiling light stock or water, not quite deep enough to cover the moulds; watch the stock re-boil, then put a buttered or greased paper over them, and stand the pan in a moderate oven for about ten to twelve minutes. Dish up on a border of white farce or potato en couronne, and serve in the centre any nice vegetable or purée of fresh mushrooms and Veloute sauce round the base.