Little Veal Creams à la Sherard

Petites Crèmes de Veau à la Sherard


Butter well eight or ten horseshoe moulds, and garnish in imitation of the nails &c. with cut truffle, then line the moulds with the farce as below. Make a little well in the farce with your finger wetted with hot water; place about a saltspoonful of mushroom purée in each little well, cover this over with more farce, smooth it with a warm wet knife, and poach for fifteen minutes in boiling light stock. Turn them out and dish on a border of farce straight down the dish with Veloute sauce round and thin Veloute sauce poured over the creams, and garnished with any green cooked vegetable.

Farce for Moulds

Half a pound of raw white meat pounded smooth and mixed with six ounces of pounded panard, one ounce of butter, one tablespoonful of thick Bechamel sauce, a little salt and white pepper, and if liked, a dust of nutmeg; then add two whites and three yolks of egg. Mix all well together in the mortar, then rub through a wire sieve, mix it with two tablespoonfuls of thick cream, put in a forcing bag with a plain pipe, and use.

Purée, of Mushrooms

Wash and press the water from half a pound of fresh mushrooms, chop them fine and put them in a stewpan with one ounce of good butter, half a chopped eschalot, a pinch of finely-chopped parsley; season with salt and a little white pepper, and fry carefully for eight or ten minutes; then mix with half an ounce of chopped ham or tongue and half an ounce of glaze, boil up, mix with one ounce of finely-chopped cooked white meat, set aside to cool, and use.

Thin Veloute

Sauce for pouring over the creams is made by adding, to a quarter of a pint of the ordinary Velouté sauce, sufficient thin cream to make it liquid enough to allow the truffle garnish to be seen through when the sauce is poured over the creams.