Capilotade of Sweetbread

Capilotade de Bis de Veau


Blanch the heart or throat sweetbread in cold water, then put it to press; when cold wrap it in a buttered paper and place it in a pan to braise as in recipe. Take up and set aside to cool; then cut in slices about a quarter of an inch thick and mask over one side and round the edges with veal farce; smooth this with a hot wet knife and garnish alternate slices with chopped truffle and hard-boiled yolk of egg which has been passed through a sieve. Place the slices in a buttered sauté pan on the unmasked side, then pour into the pan enough well-flavoured boiling stock to half their thickness, and put them in a moderate oven with a buttered paper over them for twelve to fifteen minutes. Dish en couronne on a border of potato with thin Soubise sauce round the dish, and garnish the centre with Julienne shreds of truffle, tongue, tinned button mushrooms, French gherkins, and hard-boiled white of egg. The white of egg, when cut, should be kept in cold water till wanted, and the other garnish heated between two plates over boiling water with a little mushroom liquor.