Escalopes of Sweetbread à la Marne

Escalopes de Ris de Veau à la Marne


Braise a sweetbread and cut it into slices as in the recipe, put these in a sauté pan and brush them over with a little warm glaze and put into the oven for about five minutes, then take up on a plate and mask all over each slice with a tomato purée prepared thus:—Remove all the juice and skins from four large ripe tomatoes and rub them through a fine hair sieve, put the purée in a stewpan with a pinch of salt and a teaspoonful of Brown and Polson’s cornflour mixed into a smooth paste with a tablespoonful of cold water and about eight or ten drops of liquid carmine, stir together till it boils, mix in a teaspoonful of finely chopped parsley and use. Dish up en couronne on a border of farce and serve peas in the centre, Suprème sauce round the base.