Sweetbread à la Constance

Bis de Veau, à la Constance


Blanch a throat sweetbread and put it to press till cold. Cut some little strips of ham or tongue about half an inch long, and one eighth of an inch thick, also truffle cut in the same way. With a small knife stick the sweetbread on the top so as to make little holes, and in these holes put the tongue and truffle alternately. When these are arranged all over, put the sweetbread in a piece of buttered paper and tie it up and braise it as in the recipes. When it is cooked, take it up, remove the paper, and dish the sweetbread on a little square croûton of fried bread; serve with Veloute sauce round the dish, and garnish with little bunches of truffle, mushroom, tongue, or ham, in little square pieces, and olives turned and braised. Serve the sweetbread very hot.