Fried Sweetbread

Ris de Veau Frit


Take a sweetbread and blanch it, then put it between two plates to press, and when cold put it into the oven with about two ounces of butter in a clean stewpan, squeeze the juice of a lemon over it, cover it with a buttered paper, and cook in the oven for about one hour with the stewpan standing in a baking tray containing water; keep it occasionally basted; when cooked, take up, sprinkle with finely chopped cooked tongue and parsley, and then with fine flour, and egg and crumb twice, and fry in clean boiling fat for eight to ten minutes; dish upon a bed of crisply fried parsley. Veloute or Supreme sauce can also be served with this if liked. The liquor in which the sweetbread was cooked can be put with bones for white stock.