Sheep’s Tongues with Macedoine

Langues de Mouton au Macédoine


Put some fresh sheep’s tongues into cold salt and water, and let them lie in it for twenty-four hours, then rinse and blanch, and braise with vegetables and stock for three and a half to four hours, adding more stock as necessary. When cooked take the tongues up and remove the outer skins, then cut each into about three slices longways; trim neatly at the root, place them in a sauté pan, strain the gravy from the braise, remove the fat and pour it into the sauté pan with the slices. Let this boil up till the liquor reduces to the consistency of thick cream and the meat looks as if glazed. Dish up on a border, filling up the centre with a tin of hot strained macedoine of vegetables, and pour thin Soubise sauce round it.