Epigrams of Mutton à la Reitz

Epigrammes de Mouton à la Reitz


Remove all unnecessary fat from the thin end of a breast of mutton, tie it up with string, and braise it for two and a half hours, then take up the breast, remove the bones, and put it to press between two dishes and when cold stamp it out in the shape of cutlets with a cutlet cutter; strain and take off the fat from the gravy of the braise, lay half of the cutlets in this, and let them just come to the boil and remain so for ten minutes; flour, egg and breadcrumb the other pieces, and fry them in clean boiling fat for about eight minutes, then sprinkle the plain pieces with gherkin, tongue, truffle, mushroom, and cooked celery all cut into Julienne shreds. Dish up en couronne, alternating the pieces, and serve a purée of mushrooms or vegetables in the centre. Reforme sauce round. The trimmings can be used for a shepherd’s pie or mutton broth.