Cutlets of Mutton à la Rothschild

Côtelettes de Mouton à la Rothschild


Take the cutlets from the best end of a neck of mutton and bat each out with a wet cutlet bat or knife; trim them neatly, removing all unnecessary fat, and season them with a very little pepper and salt; make a small horizontal incision in the flesh at the bottom of each cutlet by means of a small pointed knife; have some pâté de foie gras rubbed through a fine wire sieve and put into a forcing bag with a small plain pipe, then fill the space of the incision with this and close up the bottom of the cutlet to keep the foie gras in; have some cutlet cases well oiled on the outside and put on a baking tin in the screen to dry; when dry put into each case a table; spoonful of Rothschild sauce and place a cutlet in each on this, then cover this over by adding two or three more tablespoonfuls of the sauce. Cut some pieces of foolscap paper to fit the top of the cases, oil these and place one on the top of each case, then put them on an oiled or greased baking tin, and cover all over with another piece of greased paper and place in a moderate oven for twelve to fifteen minutes. Dish the cases up on a very hot dish and serve one to each person. Garnish the centre with crisply fried potatoes or watercress.