Lamb Cutlets à la Richmond

Côtelettes d’Agneau à la Richmond


Take the best end of the neck of lamb and have it neatly trimmed and cut into small cutlets; season with pepper and salt and place them in a buttered sauté pan and lightly sauté, then put to press; when they are cold, thinly mask over with the beef farce prepared as below; smooth this over with a warm knife (made so by dipping the knife in boiling water), egg and breadcrumb. Press them neatly into shape with the pallet knife and ornament with cut truffle. Place them in a sauté pan with two or three tablespoonfuls of boiling clarified butter and fry till a nice golden colour. Dish on a border of potato and serve artichoke bottoms in the centre which have been blanched and cooked in water with a little salt and a little lemon juice, strained and cut in four or five pieces, according to size, and seasoned with a few drops of lemon juice, a tablespoonful of thick cream and a very little chopped tarragon and chervil. Serve tomato butter round the base.

The cutlets should be served very hot. Cut the truffle for garnishing the cutlets in the shape of a kite, and use eight pieces to each cutlet with a small round of the same in the centre. Make the farce in the usual manner with six ounces of scraped raw lean beef, three ounces of panard, half an ounce of butter, a little pepper and salt, and one and a half raw eggs; pass through a fine wire or hair sieve; mix into the farce a dessertspoonful of chopped truffle and tongue or ham, then use.