Pork Cutlets à la Marseilles

Côtelettes de Porc à la Marseilles


Take a piece of the neck of pork and cut it into neat cutlets, season with salt and mignonette pepper, and mask them on the top with a little French mustard, steep them in warm butter or clean dripping, and then put on the grill iron and broil or grill on the unmasked side; then take up, steep again in butter, and dip entirely in browned breadcrumbs and place them on the grill again, stand this on a baking-tin, and put in the oven for about ten minutes; take up, and sprinkle the top of the cutlets with a little chopped French gherkin, dish up en couronne on a purée of potatoes, and with crisply fried potatoes in the centre and a mustard or other nice sharp sauce round the base.