Sauted Chicken à la Paysanne with Olives

Poulet sauté à la Paysanne aux Olives


Cut the chicken into neat joints and season with pepper and salt; put them with two tablespoonfuls of salad oil in a sauté pan with three sliced onions, a bunch of herbs, a little tarragon and chervil, and fry for about ten minutes till a nice golden colour, then add six boned and filleted anchovies chopped fine, and a wineglass of sherry; reduce to half the quantity, sprinkle in a tablespoonful of fine flour, then add a pint of thick brown sauce and an ounce of glaze, or a teaspoonful of Liebig Company’s Extract of Meat, boil together for about half an hour, keeping it well skimmed while boiling; remove the joints, tammy the sauce and re-boil it with the chicken replaced in it; dish up in a pile, garnish with a macedoine of vegetables, turned and braised olives, picked and blanched tarragon and chervil, and serve very hot.