Little Chartreuses à la Victoria

Petites Chartreuses à la Victoria


Butter well some little dariole or bombe moulds, and garnish all over with rounds of cooked chicken or any white meat stamped out with a plain round cutter the size of a three-penny piece, also pieces of cooked tongue, truffles, and button mushrooms similarly cut. When the inside of the mould is covered with these pieces, partly fill up the mould (using a forcing bag and plain pipe) with a white meat farce; then make a little well in the centre of each with the finger, dipped occasionally in hot water, and in the well thus formed introduce by means of the bag and pipe about a small teaspoonful of the ragoût made as below, and cover over with more of the white farce, and smooth over the top with a wetted warm knife. Stand the moulds in a stewpan containing boiling water to about three parts of the depth of the moulds, and poach for about twenty minutes, then turn them out on a hot dish on a border of farce or potato and serve with Veloute sauce round the base, and any green cooked vegetable for the centre. For the ragoût chop up the trimmings left from the rounds, and to each quarter of a pint add two large tablespoonfuls of thick Bechamel sauce, a dessertspoonful of cream, and one raw yolk of egg, mix and use.