Sauted Chicken à la Marengo

Poulet sauté à la Marengo


Pick, singe, and cleanse the bird, and cut it up in neat joints, then put it into a sauté pan with two tablespoonfuls of oil, four sliced onions, two ounces of bacon cut up in little square pieces, two or three tomatoes sliced and a bunch of herbs (thyme, parsley, and bayleaf); season all with pepper and salt and fry together for fifteen to twenty minutes, then add a wineglass of sherry, a small tablespoonful of flour, and a pint of brown sauce and cook for about half an hour, remove the joints, strain off the fat, and have a clove of garlic scraped, and mixed with a tiny bit of butter, put it into the sauce and boil up, rub all the sauce through the tammy, add the joints of chicken to the tammied sauce, re-warm all together, dish it up in a pile, and garnish round with fried eggs, little kite-shaped croûtons that have been fried in salad oil, and a few sliced button mushrooms can be used if liked.