Boudins of Chicken

Boudins de Volatile


Take the meat, either the leg or breast, of a raw chicken, remove any skin, and to half a pound of the meat put three ounces of panard; pound both separately, then mix and pass through a sieve and put into a basin, then add two ounces of warm butter, two whole eggs and one raw yolk, a pinch of white pepper, a little salt, a very little chopped eschalot, a teaspoonful of chopped fresh parsley, a little chopped thyme, and one bayleaf chopped; form this into any shapes; if using boudin tins lightly butter them and fill them with the mixture, put them in some boiling light stock, either veal, rabbit, or chicken, and poach for about ten minutes, then turn them out, and when they are cool dust them over with a little fine flour, dip in whole beaten up egg and then into freshly made white breadcrumbs, and fry in clean boiling fat till a pretty golden colour. Serve dry on a dish-paper as an entrΓ©e for dinner or luncheon. These can also be dipped in warm butter and then into freshly made white breadcrumbs and grilled or broiled; or they can be cooked in the oven on a baking tin for about twelve minutes and served hot. If you have not got boudin moulds they can be shaped in a tablespoon.