Little Batter Cases with Salpicon

Petites Caisses frites au Salpicon


Prepare some little batter cases as below, and fill them with a ragoût of any nice white meat, such as cooked breast of chicken, four or five button mushrooms, two or three truffles, half a blanched calf’s brains, and a tablespoonful of pieces of sweetbread, all cut up in little dice shapes and mixed with a good Veloute sauce that has been heated in the bain marie. When the ragoût has been placed in the cases, pour a little tomato purée on the top and round the dish, and then serve hot.

Batter for the Cases

Put into a basin a quarter of a pound of fine flour, two whole eggs, one and a half tablespoonfuls of salad oil; mix into a paste with rather better than a quarter of a pint of cold water, and then thinly line some dariol cups with it and fry till a pretty golden colour in clean boiling fat. Remove the cases from the moulds by means of a small knife, and just before serving brush the outside over with raw white of egg and sprinkle them over with a little finely chopped parsley.