Crépinettes à la Ferdinand


Cut some cold game or poultry, such as the breast or leg of a fowl, into shreds like Julienne (about one inch long), also four cooked button mushrooms, one or two truffles, one ounce of ox tongue or lean cooked ham, and a slice or two of cooked sweetbread or calves brains, all cut in the same manner. Prepare the sauce for setting these ingredients by putting into a stewpan five large tablespoonfuls of thick brown sauce, -one chopped eschalot, half an ounce of meat glaze, and half a wineglass of sherry or mushroom essence; boil these together till reduced to half the quantity, and add to it the cut ingredients. Set this away to get cold, and when the mixture is set take some fresh pork caul, cut it in pieces about four inches square, place about a dessertspoonful of the mixture into the caul, and wrap it well in at the edges, so as to prevent the sauce escaping; dip into fine flour, and then into whole beaten up egg, and drop into clean boiling fat and fry till a nice golden colour, which will take about four or five minutes only; then take up, and sprinkle one with chopped tongue or lean ham and one with chopped truffle or parsley; dish up on a border of spinach or purée of peas, and serve with good brown sauce round the dish. The centre can be garnished with button mushrooms or peas. These may also be served dry on a paper or napkin, as preferred, with fried parsley as garnish.