Little Chicken Soufflés à la Baronne

Petits Soufflés de Volaille à la Baronne


Take the breast or leg of a raw chicken, scrape off the meat, pound and pass it through a coarse hair or fine wire sieve; to two ounces of the meat, after it is passed through the sieve, add two raw yolks of eggs, one or two truffles chopped fine, a pinch of salt and white pepper, and a tiny dust of cayenne; mix this well together, then add a quarter of a pint of whipped cream and the whites of three small eggs that have been whipped stiff with a pinch of salt. Have some little stiff red-edged paper cases oiled on the outside, and then dried; fill them three parts full with the soufflé mixture, bake them in a moderate oven for twelve or fifteen minutes; serve on a napkin or dish. Veloute or tomato sauce can be served in a sauceboat.